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Agnés Watt is an evolving collection of new, found, vintage and antique treasures for the home, garden and living.  A work in progress, born out of a life-long passion for interiors and objects and how they can influence our mood, environment and experiences.  A simple object, in the right context, can transform and impact not only the visual aesthetic, but also the feeling and functionality of our spaces.  

I have an insane love for textures, layers and muted, natural tones, but antiques and well-worn objects with a story are my weakness, especially when re-imagined and paired in a modern or contrasting style.  I gravitate towards anything handmade, perfectly imperfect or with a global flair and I enjoy the entire process from sourcing to putting it all together. 

Agnés Watt was my great grandmother. I chose her name to represent this next chapter because, although I never met her, I have often found myself staring at her portrait and feeling some cosmic connection with her. Her style, image and poise are a reflection of what Agnés Watt, the shop, represents. 

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